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Tony Smotherman

Featured Artist
Bounce The Cat Manager/Agent/Consultant
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Tony Smotherman

John D'Amato

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===> Welcome <===

Public Relations = The New Marketing

In this reality TV, social media driven society your customers are expecting to be engaged.

They want to hear from you and they expect you to hear them.


=^..^= On the matter of booking...

Hi Bounce.

I have had problems finding a reliable promoter and booking agent who can work with the blues well. I am afraid that I may lose my investor. It's been difficult to find people I can trust. Five different people have said they loved my show/music and love the blues, claimed they could do the job, but have flaked out. Basically, they are all full of shit.

Sincerely, Blues Guy

Hey Blues,

I can't even find a reliable booking agent. Many clubs and venues are bypassing the agents and opting to book the acts in house. This has created a mess for many clubs as managers and owners are having to deal with all those hungry musicians, some of whom are very aggressive at booking their very bad bands. Many of the better entertainers have agents, therefore they will not be contacting the clubs.

These clubs are spending an extraordinary amount of time enduring bad videos, EPKs, e-mails, facebook and twitter messages and insane phone conversations and text messages. So we have owners/managers making uninformed booking decisions and hiring unprofessional entertainment and losing customers.

These clubs are hurting themselves. Owners/Managers should be concentrating on running their club efficiently and effectively. Many venues are falling on hard times because of this. They are booking mediocre entertainment and dealing with unprofessional personalities, needlessly (Ego?).

An agent knows how to deal with that special tortured soul we call talent... Artist, Actors, Musicians, Poets and Songwriters are a special breed. Passionate about their art, tenacious in their pursuit of whatever it is they are pursuing. They can wear an owner/manager down. A good agent has a cut and dry relationship with the venue at the same time, the artist expects an agent to be straight with them and therefore they know how to communicate with each other.

It creates for a much better atmosphere when entertainment arrives with an itinerary, having all negotiations been handled prior by the agent, so there are no distractions on the performance. Often times a performance can be ruined as tensions are created between venue management and the performer before the event even starts due to ineffective bargaining.

The agent deals with many entertainers on a regular bases. A good agent is always looking at new talent and knows who the professionals are. The agent pays close attention to current trends in a number of demographics and has a network of professional peers to draw from. Knowledgeable about the industry, a good agent is a great asset to any club when it comes to making informed decisions, in addition, they can help tremendously when it comes to getting additional publicity.

But for now, I know a lot of agents simply just not booking. The entertainers are running the asylum and the staff is poorly equipped.

You get what you pay for...


Bounnce The Cat =^..^= 2014

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